Personal Things
Name Bello
Gender Male
Nickname(s) None
Biological Information
Gender Male
Color Brown and white zebra-like striped
Eye color Emerald green
First Appearance Race Against Time
Last Appearance TBA
Bello is a character from the TV show "Super Wings", he is a brown and white zebra-like striped plane and is very skilled in handling and interacting with animals and resolving animal-related problems. So far he appeared in three episodes as a co-protagonist, the first being "Race Against Time", as for the first season, and in three episodes in the second season, as for now.38 year old.

Episodes Edit

Main Appearances Edit

Race Against Time Edit

This is Bello's first main appearance and the eleventh episode overall. He appears at the very start of the episode playing with Jett, Paul and Dizzy the game Green Light! Red Light!, he is the one telling when to move and when to stop but with two actual signalling discs, one with a green light on it and one with a red one, instead of just using words. He later reappears in the episode when Jimbo send him in Kenya to make a wildebeest herd go back and reunite with a baby wildebeest that was previously accidentally left behind, as Jett's attempt failed. He manages to do that by speaking to the animals and inviting them to play Green Light! Red Light! with him, like he did earlier in the episode, making them move in a direction opposite to the one they were running in. Lorna, a child that was attending the baby wildebeest is now free to leave, re-join the other competitors and ultimately win the race.

Gorilla Band Edit

This is Bello's second main appearance and the fifteenth episode overall. He appears at the start of the episode making a great number of birds follow him so Big Wing's airstrip is clear and he can take off. He later reappears in the episode to free Jett whom was entangled with hanging vines after having unsuccessfully tried to catch up with a muntain gorilla and to convince the animal to play Conga drums with Lulu and Jelani, respectively a female and a male child that are going to play their conga drums in a village festival. The gorilla had previously showed that he was a great Conga drums player, when the instruments were left alone by Jett and the two children that went away to have a snack, but was scared and ran away when approached hastily by Lulu, enthusiastic to have found such an awsome player and was looking forward to add him to her band. He frees Jett by cutting the vines with his propeller and manages to lure the gorilla by telling Jett and the little children copy each sound the gorilla makes by beating his fists on his chest. Attracted by sounds similar to his, the animal returns and then plays with the children at the festival, which is a great success.

Aussie Animals Edit

This is Bello's third main appearance and the thirtieth overall. He appears at the start of the episode when it can be seen playing skipping rope together with Dizzy and Jett, he and Dizzy are the ones who turn the rope while Jett is the one who jumps. They invite Jett to skip the rope in rhymes. Later in the episode he reappears as Jimbo send him to Australia to help Ruby, a child who is making a naturalistic documentary in which she speaks to animals, get her microphone back from a cangaroo who stole it to give her baby something to play with. Initially Bello talks to the baby cangaroo but since he is uneasy because there are a lot of strangers watching him, and since Bello knows it is the perfect game to calm a baby cangaroo, he and Jett resort to turn a skipping rope to put the baby at his ease. They then invite Ruby to jump the same way Jett was at the start of the episode; seeing her having fun playing, the little animal join her to play as well. As they jump together the little girl interview the little cangaroo and tells him he can have the microphone but he disagrees and return it to her.

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