Callum is a character from the TV show Super Wings. He lives in Scotland and appears in the episode Bubble Trouble.

Physical Appearance Edit

Callum is a little boy with red hairs and eyebrows and blue eyes. He wears a little jumper with a lapel with dark blue and light blue horizontal stripes, light grey trousers with two utility pockets on the sides of the legs at the height of the knees and shoes of the same dark green of the jumper and white, with white shoe strings.

Synopsis involving Callum Edit

Callum asked for a special bagpipe that not only plays but blows bubbles, too. He believes that making bubbles with it he will attract Nessie so he can meet her. His idea works at first but he blows a bubble so big that it remains attached to his bagpipe and lift him in the air, rendering the help of Jett needed. The bagpipe then falls into the lake prompting Mira to come to help retrieve it, but only with the intervention of Nessie herself everything will come to a happy end.

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