Personal Things
Name Dizzy
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Dizz (by Jett)
Biological Information
Gender Female
Color Pink
Eye color Very Deep Pink/Dark Purple
First Appearance Shadow Play (season 1, episode 1)
Last Appearance Unknown

Dizzy is a female rescue helicopter and has made her first appearance in the episode "The Right Kite", in which she rescues Jett, and has made since then fourteen major appearances throughout the series.

Physical Appearance Edit

Dizzy is a pink rescue helicopter, who likes to go at icy places. She has dark pink (seems to be purple) with a heart shape as an icon. Dizzy specializes in rescuing and providing medical care. She has a great number of tools to accomplish her missions.


Dizzy has a large appetite for food as seen in Family Time where she says she is 'very hungry' and 'you don't have to tell me twice' when told to escort the father of Hemi to dinner. In the episode "The Amazing Moritz" she is very happy to go into mission and says 'Music to my ears!' when she is about to take off. She is also humble, like in the episode "Whish upon a Jett", when she says "Magic it's not my thing, Jimbo, but I'll do my best" after Jimbo asks her to do something about a magic carpet that does not fly.

Episodes Edit

The Right Kite Edit

This is the first episode in which Dizzy makes an appearance. At the start of the episode she rescues Jett, stopping him from falling in the ocean, then she is sent by Jimbo to Vietnam to assist Jett who has accidentally injured himself and retrieve a Kite that has been stolen by two red pandas.

Sahara Sled Edit

In this episode Dizzy goes to the Sahara Desert, together with Donnie, to deliver a huge pile of ice she then sprays fake snow upon so that it resembles a mountain and Ali has a place where he can play with his new sled.

The Pyramid Kid Edit

Dizzy gets Roy out of a diffucult situation, having he remained stuck under a shutter, at the airport, with the aid of one of her rescue tools. She then goes to Egypt to rescue Jett who has gotten stuck between two sliding walls in a pyramid, much like Roy, and she frees him in the same way she previously freed Roy as well.

Pop Star Edit

Arctic Run Edit

A Winning Recipe Edit

Follow that Ghost Edit

Family Time Edit

Cheese Chase Edit

The Amazing Moritz Edit

Penguin Parade Edit

Fireman Dad Edit

Pirate Booty Edit

Wish Upon a JettEdit

Yeti Quest Edit

Swimming Pigs Edit

Tip Of The Iceberg Edit

Think BigEdit

Alp Help Edit

Trip To Times Past Edit

The Super Seven Edit

Piano Panic Edit

The Bermuda Blunder Edit

Sniff Test Edit

Sweden Splash Edit

The Legend Of The Medieval Ruins Edit


Sky says she can always lend a helping hand or a rope. She is shown using her ropes on a strong tree as a pully to pull a broken tree out of the path of llamas.


"I'm Dizzy and I'm rescue ready!"

Gallery Edit

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