Personal Things
Name Donnie
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Biological Information
Gender Male
Color Yellow and blue
Eye color Ambra
First Appearance Shadow Play
Last Appearance Acting Up
Donnie is a yellow and blue airplane who can invent things with his tools. He appeared in the very first episode of Super Wings "Shadow Play" and in the very last "Acting Up" as for now. Jimbo aside, he is the co-protagonist which appears mostly in the series, having starred in 15 episodes, not counting small appearances and cameos, which makes the total of appearances even higher. He is very skilled in solving problems using tools or building complicated machines, he is the only Super Wing who always land in a clumsy way, hitting the ground.

Physical Appearance Edit

Donnie is a canadair airplane with a look which funnier than regular canadair airplanes, having a big hull and small wings and propellers. He is mainly yellow and has ambra coloured eyes. The edges of his wings, his motors, a part of his fore and legs and his screen are blue.

Personality and Capabilities Edit

Donnie is very skilled at repairing and inventing things, using his kit. In the episode "Farmer Jett", for example, he rebuild a barnyard from scratch in a few seconds.

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