Superwings flip
Flip transparent image
Personal Things
Name Flip
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Biological Information
Gender Male
Color Red
Eye color Blue
First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
Flip is a red plane. His specialty is sports. And he's a big fan of Jett and Super Wings, in fact, he wears a blue and yellow cap with the Super Wings symbol on it. His first appeariance was in the two-part episode "The Bermuda Blunder".


Flip was a regular plane who did deliveries across the Bermuda Isles. During one of his deliveries he discovered a Super Wing pack laying in the ocean near the coast and realized that something bad must have happened to Jett. He went to deliver it in Jett's place and found out the package contains a party cake for a party celebrating Jett held in the house of a kid who is a big Jett fan like him. Shortly after, Mira, Dizzy and Chase arrive, too, and found out that Jett never had arrived at the party, so they take off to search for him in the Bermuda Triangle, declining Flip's offer to help them, because they deem the mission too risky for an unexperienced plane like him. Flip is actually very experienced and knows everything about the Bermuda Triangle, so he takes off and follows the Super Wings, thinking they may need help. In the Bermuda Triangle, the Super Wings are caught in a storm, but, thanks to Flip, they all manage to safely go through it and meet Jett, who had previously find out and been help recover by the little daughter of an ocean biologist. Eventually, Flip undergo modifications and is presented by Skye to all the other Super Wings, now a transformable plane like all the others and a legitimate member of the Super Wings.

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