Personal Things
Name Jett
Gender Male
Biological Information
Gender Male
Color Red
Eye color Dark Blue
First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown

Jett is the main protagonist of the series, as the episodes usually revolve around him delivering a package to children around the world, then assisting the child to whom he delivered the package.

Physical Appearance

Jett is a small red and white jet plane, that is were his ame comes from. It has blue eyes and four signaling lights, two on his "cheeks" and two at the edges of his wings. He has a stylised wing symbol on each of his sides.


Jett is always eager to go make deliveries. Being still a little plane, he also enjoys playing with his friends Dizzy, Donnie and Jerome very much. He is also very sympathetic when children need help, but he always needs additional help from one of the Super Wings to fix everything up or, at times, to save himself from a sticky situation, like in "Gorilla Band" or in "Follow that Ghost". He is sometimes very clumsy when he experiences new things, like in "Cheese Chase" when he helps Sven during the whole process to make Swiss cheese. Animals have mixed reactions when approached by him, as seen in "Farmer Jett" where he offers to attend Colette's farm so she can go to the Princes and Princesses' Ball but his unexperience together with the mischeviousness of the farm animals leads to an actual disaster as the barnyard gets destroyed. He likes to take strolls in and outside the airport with Grand Albert, like seen in the openings of "Cold Feet" and "Zebra Scouts",


"Things are looking up!"

"I'm Jett! On time, every time!"

Hogi Punching Pal! (Korean Only)



A Turkish person is the inspiration for the entire franchise. He says walking plane and 2 months later created Super Wings.

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