Personal Things
Name Jimbo
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Jimbo
Main Traffic Controller
Biological Information
Gender Male
Color Fair
Eye color Black
First Appearance Shadow Play
Last Appearance Acting Up
Jimbo is the main traffic controller, the only human who works at World Airport. He usually calls Jett if there's any deliveries at any places. He appeared in the series since the very first episode "Shadow Play" and, as Jett, appears in every episode, he is a very important character.

Appearance Edit

Personal Appearance Edit

Jimbo has fair skin with brown hair and black eyes, wearing an airplane icon hat. He is a bit fat and thickset and has a chubby face with a big nose. He wears white airplane uniform with a black necktie and an airport badge, having diagonal yellow stripes at the end of the tie. He wears a black belt and long blue jeans/pants and black shoes.

Capabilities and knowledges Edit

Despite being chubby, Jimbo can move very fast, for example when he leaves his chair, he does it so quick that he makes it spinning very fast. He knows everything about the countries of Earth, including their languages, culture and traditions, like outfits. Everytime before Jett leaves for a delivery, he tells him one or two words of the language spoken in the country Jett is about to visit, so he can communicate with the child he is about to deliver the package to and other locals in a better way. He is very skilled in using the airport computer to show Jett pictures of countries and puts joy in doing his work. He use to mimic what he is saying in a funny way, like when he puts his hands together like they were bird wings as he says that in New Zeland there are birds like the kiwi. In "The Amazing Moritz" he does a trick like he was a magician and makes appear the package for Jett from under a kerchief. He owns a hamster, like seen in the episode "Viking Voyage".

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