Marcel is Moritz's little rabbit pet who appears in the episode "The Amazing Moritz". His acts are crucial to the developing of the plot of the episode.

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

Marcel is an ordinary little pink rabbit with a white belly and green eyes. He is very frisky and likes to jump around and take Moritz's magician items, as well as interfering in his magic tricks where his presence was not expected.

Synopsis Involving Marcel Edit

As soon as we get to see Marcel for the first time, we get to know that he is very mischievous, when Moritz is performing for his father, Marcel jumps and takes the handkerchief Moritz was using for his magic trick, thus making Moritz angry at him. Moritz soon stops being angry and tells Marcel he hopes he will behave at the magic show.

When Moritz is about to open Jett's package, Marcel seems very curious to know what is inside of it and after it is revealed that it is a top hat he keeps on jumping in it.

At the theater, Marcel jumps and grabs the rope that opens the trap door to the stage, revealing its existance to Jett. As soon as Moritz's show starts, Marcel begins to act mischievous hopping away from Moritz's head while still inside his hat, and all around the stage. After Marcel makes an unwanted appearance in the next magic trick, Jett decides to go in the backstage and put him in a cage, but Marcel escapes before Jett could lock him up and jumps on a piano. Jett's attempts to catch him only obtain to accidentally push the piano that starts running outside the theater at a fast speed with Marcel on it. After having told Moritz what had happened, Jett rushes outside to look for Marcel but he, too, ends up, wearing a top hat, on the runaway piano with Marcel, a clothes hanger and several animals and musical instruments, thus making necessary the intervent of Dizzy, who manages to reverse the direction the speeding piano is moving but fails to stop it, so everyone and everything fall in the backstage trap door and end up on stage through Moritz's magic hat. After all of this, Marcel can bee seen dancing on the piano as Dizzy play it.

After the magic show is finished, Marcel demands Moritz attention, as he notices that he has not included him in his thanksgivings to those that contributed to the success of his magic show. He then greets Jett and Dizzy as they take off.