Personal Things
Name Mira
Gender Female
Biological Information
Gender Female
Color Green
Eye color Blue
First Appearance Bubble Trouble
Last Appearance Family Time (cameo)

Mira is a green and white plane that can go underwater. She appeared so far in four episodes as a co-protagonist, listed below.

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

Mira is a green airplane that loves to dive. She, like the other planes, can change into a robo-airplane. Mira also has blue eyes, with a yellow-like eyebrows. She has a four-sided fan as a symbol and two searching lights on her upper part that allow her to look for things while underwater, like she did for finding Callum's bagpipe in Bubble Trouble. She is a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky female airplane. She loves to dive and swim.

Episodes Edit

Bubble Trouble Edit

This is the first episode in which Mira makes a major appearance and the tenth episode overall in the series. She appears at the very start of the episode as she queues up to enter the airport wash. When Jett notices she is not dirty she answers him that it does not matter because she enjoys water so much that she likes to have a shower even if she does not need it. She later reappears in the episode as Jimbo sends her in an unspecified town near Loch Ness in Scotland in order to retrieve a special bagpipe that blows bubbles as it plays that has being accidentally dropped in the water to the bottom of the loch by its owner, a child named Callum to whom Jett had previously delivered it.  As soon as she lands on the pier she immediately dives in the loch and finds the musical instrument with her searching lights in a group of weeds but in trying to grab it one of her legs becomes entangled with one of them. Since she cannot free herself she asks Jett for help. Jett tries to pull her up to the surface making her grab a rope with an anchor at the end of it but fails because Mira release the hold as she is surprised to see a huge shadow approaching her underwater. The shadow is actually the one of Nessie who then arise from the water carrying Mira on her head and then lowers her neck so she can jump off and land on the pier. Since the bagpipe has been retrieved and it is still working Jett and Mira leave as they are greeted by both Callum and Nessie.

Viking Voyage Edit

This the second episode Mira makes a major appearance in and the eighteenth episode overall. She does not appear at the start of the episode, as the second leading character for the opening of the episode this time is Big Wing but she appears later in the episode as Jimbo sends her to a camp where Karl and fellow children pretend to be vikings, to help them and the camp counselor since they are aboard a leaking drakkar that is also going toward a waterfall. Mira solve both the problems by borrowing chewing gums from a child, chewing them, and using them to fix the crack from which the water was leaking into the ship, from the submerged part of the ship, and by pushing the fore while using her boosters, while Jett push the mast with his Jett-speed and the children and the counselor row to turn the drakkar, just very few metres before it would have fallen in the waterfall. Since everyone has been helped from danger, Mira and Jett leave as they are greeted by everybody.

Family Time Edit

Mira makes a non-speaking appearance at the start of the episode, attending the Busiest Super Wings Award Ceremony, hosted by Grand Albert and Sammy, together with Jett, Donnie, Dizzy, Jerome, Paul, Bello and Roy.

Fish Friends Edit

This is the third episode in which Mira makes a major appearance in and the forty-fourth episode in the series overall. She appears at the start of the episode, swimming in a swimming pool in the airport and inviting in order Dizzy and Roy to swim with her, who refuse, and eventually Jett, that is about to leap in the water when Jimbo calls him to the control room, forcing him to leave as well. She appears later in the episode when Jimbo sends her to help Jett and the submarine where Aisha is traveling into get free from an octopus who captured them. She manages to free all of them by tickling the octopus so it lose its grasp on them, then she leads Aisha, Jett and the submarine to a place where fishes of the same species of hers live, so she can free him there to live among them.

Jamaican Waves Edit

This is the fourth episode in which Mira makes a major appearance and the forty-fifth episode overall in the series. She appears at the start of the episode working with Sammy and Jett in the airport storage, packing boxes with adesive tape. She later appears again in the episode, sent by Jimbo to Jamaica to help a little girl named Shawna and her family of reggae musicians to get aboard the ship, on which they were supposed to play a reggae concert, that have sailed without them. Mira dives into the sea and returns with a barge borrowed by someone who gave her permission to use it. Shawna and her family get on it and Mira pushes the barge near the ship so they can play for the passenger from there.

Gallery Edit

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