Personal Things
Name Moritz
Gender male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Biological Information
Color Unknown
Eye Color green
Hair Color Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
Voice Actors
Season 1 Unknown
Season 2 Unknown

Moritz is a austrian child who lives in Vienna and appears in the episode "The Amazing Moritz", in which he performs in a magic show on his own with Jett as his assistant.

Physical Appearance Edit

Moritz is a little child with fair skin, green eyes and medium-long blonde hairs and eyebrows. He is dressed in a very elegant outfit consisting in a white shirt with golden buttons, a red bow-tie, a black and red striped vest with a single golden button, grey trousers and black shoes with white soles. He also wears his black magician top hat with a dark yellow and red stripe on it, after Jett delivers to him the package containing it. At his magic show he wears a little dark cape and carries a tipical magic wand.

Behaviour and Capabilities Edit

Moritz is just a child but he is already very skilled in prestidigitation, like seen when he does a magic trick for his father or when he introduces his magic show to the public and also when he effortlessly performs magic tricks in fron of a large audience. He is though also a little bit emotional, like when he sees the audience has arrived at his show and realizes he has to begin performing, the first time Marcel interferes and he is worried because the show is not going as he has planned and when he is about to do the final rabbit-in-the-hat trick of the show fearing that it will be a failure since he does not know that Jett has already succeeded in finding Marcel. He also uses to get angry at Marcel when he makes unexpected appearances during his tricks.

Gallery Edit