Paint Pals
Willem's father, Willem and Jett
Title Paint Pals
Item Paintbrushes
Director Jin Yong Kim
Writer Anne D. Bernstein
Jung Jin Hong
Featured Characters Jett
Place The Netherlands
Episode guide
Previous Next
Episode 22 Episode 24

Paint Pals is Episode Twenty-three from Season 1 of the television series Super Wings. It features a young Dutch artist, Willem, who wins an art contest. He wants some Paintbrushes - and some friends, to help him paint a huge mural on a wall.


The episode opens with Jett and Donnie in a repair shed trying to help Grand Albert who is having trouble with his propeller. He complains it's not as fast, but Donnie knows the solution to that one. Oil! A quick squirt and Grand Albert's propeller looks much better. It's so fast, Jett has difficulty keeping his place in the shed because of the wind. Just then, Jett's summoned to the control room by Jimbo, and informs him that he's already on his way.

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