Personal Things
Name Paul
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Police Officer
Biological Information
Gender Male
Color White and Dark Blue (police's main uniform color)
Eye color Blue
First Appearance Shadow Play
Last Appearance Unknown

Paul is a police airplane, who specializes in directing traffic and guard World Airport at night.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Paul is a police airplane officer, who guards the airport at night. He has blue eyes, but can rarely seen because of his large black iris. He has light blue-like eyebrows on the top of his eyes. His colours are those typical of a police vehicle, blue and white. He has two lights on his fore and a siren on his head. On each of his forearms is a yellow sheriff star, which is his symbol.

Personality and Paraphernalia Edit

Paul, being a police airplane, is always on guard to see if there is something to take care of in the airport, for example in "Toy Trackers" he notices objects laying in the street and immediately proceed to work undercover to find the culprit, who turns out to be Roy that unwillingly dropped the baggages he was carrying by taking turns too hastily, or in "Great Gondolas" where he tells Jett and Jerome to step aside in order not to stop airport traffic. In "Fiesta Fiesta" he and Jett meet Ray, Roy's twin brother. One of his duty is also directing airport traffic, as seen in the episode "Fast Track". Despite being constantly on duty, he likes to play with his friends, as seen in "Race Against Time" where he plays the game of "Green Light, Red Light" with Jett, Dizzy and Bello, and dance, as seen in the afore-mentioned episode "Great Gondolas", where he dances robot dance with Jett and Jerome, and later directs gondolas traffic in Venice at the rhythm of music.

He is also kind and never authoritative when he reprimends those who has done something wrong. In the episode "Toy Trackers" he offers to help Roy pick up all the stuff he accidentally dropped.

In the episode "Great Gondolas", it is also shown to have a whistle and a loudspeaker, both used to warn people. In the episode "The Good Knight" it is shown that he has an ejectable ladder that pops up off his back, used to rescue people or animals that cannot get down from high places.

Episodes Edit

Shadow Play Edit

In this episode, Paul appears in the opening sequence, patrolling the airport at night and asking Jett if it was something wrong. Jett was actually scared by his own shadow.

Great Gondolas Edit

In this episode, Paul appears at the beginning reprimending Jett and Jerome because they block airport traffic by dancing in the airport street and telling Roy to slow down, then dancing robot dance with Jett and Jerome. Later, Jimbo sends him to Venice in Italy to help Luca deliver his invitations for his masquerade ball by directing gondolas traffic in one of Venice's canali.

Race Against Time Edit

Here Paul makes a non-speaking appearance at the start of the episode, where he plays the game of Red Light, Green Light with Dizzy and Jett with Bello as the Stop Light.

Fiesta Fiesta Edit

In this episode Paul stars as a protagonist. At the start of the episode he yells at a baggage tug to slow down, in order to not drop luggage, believing that it is Roy. Much to his surprise, while doing so he is approached by Roy, who tells him and Jett that the luggage tug they are talking to is actually his twin brother Ray, who has come at the airport to help him with the baggage deliveries, as it is a very busy day. Later, he goes to Mexico in order to find two missing pinatas and return them to the two twin brothers, Tomás and Manuel, that have lost them. Paul finds both the pinatas, one in the shape of a pony and one in the shape of an astronaut, in a group of cactuses and, in order to have a better grab on them, puts the astronaut pinata on the pony pinata, as if he is riding it. Thanks to this, the two twins unite their two separated birthday fiestas and celebrate their birthday together.

Family Time Edit

In this episode Paul makes a brief non-speaking appearance, as he, together with Donnie, Jett, Dizzy, Jerome, Bello, Mira and Roy, attends the Award Ceremony for the busiest Super Wing hosted by Grand Albert and Sammy.

Fast Track Edit

In this episode Paul stars as a protagonist. At the start of the episode, he orders vehicles to step aside so Roy can speed towards the airport and make his deliveries in time. Later he flies to Monaco to help Alex, a boy who is competing in a custom made car race, to safely travel in a trafficked street and re-enter the race circuit from which he previously accidentally exited.

Blast Off Edit

Paul makes a small appearance at the start of this episode. Donnie is listening to a special device to see if he can hear sounds from outer space. When he believes he has actually hearing one, Jett finds out that the sound actually comes from Paul, whose siren is broken and makes a continuos strange noise. Paul asks Donnie if he can repair it and Donnie agrees.

Toy Trackers Edit

In this episode Paul stars as a protagonist. At the start of the episode, he works undercover to find out who is the one who leaves stuff in the middle of an airport road. After finding out that he is not Jett, he discovers that it is actually Roy, who accidentally drops his baggages by taking turns too fast. Paul reccomend Roy to take turns slowlier and offers help Roy to pick up the stuff he unwillingly dropped. Later, he flies to South Africa to help Dirk to find out who is stealing his little sister Lina's and his friend Mbali's toys. By working undercover together with Jett and the children, and placing one of Lina's toys as a bait, he finds out that the thief is Dirk's doggy, who later returns all the toys he has stolen.

The Good Knight Edit

In this episode Paul stars as a protagonist. At the start of the episode, he helps a kitten to climb down a tree by using his rescue tool, namely an ejectable ladder that comes out of his back. Later in the episode he travel to Spain to help Carlos, a boy who likes very much to pretend to be a knight, climb to a balcony where a female friend of his, who his pretending to be a princess, is, by using again his rescue ladder, only this time in an opposite way.


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